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Mixing Virtual Worlds and Chat.

For the past few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about mixing Virtual Worlds and Chat.

Virtual Worlds are the the future, I think. I want to integrate Chat with them. I've recently been thinking that instead of developing twisted.words, we should make twisted.reality the "chat server", and have a client that tailors to people who just want to chat, as well as being a generic VW client. Well, that would probably be too much work, so I'm thinking of making a small bit of integration code that allows one to unify a Room in a Reality server with a Group on a Words server. I'm also thinking that, in the virtual world simulation, these special "chat rooms" could broadcast messages to anyone who wishes to "tune in" to them with a special radio transceiver, or somesuch.

Well, that's Yet Another project to add to the list of things To Do. :) Right now I'm working on implementing PB Exceptions, and then versioned PB objects, and then refactoring the Words PB protocol. ugh. lotta stuff. Anyone wanna pay me to do it? ;-)
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