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I'm annoyed with myself. This is a common pattern for me: 1) Decide to fix a bug/implement a feature in some code. 2) notice that there is some other stuff that could use improving. 3) attempt to improve it. 4) notice that some package that this code I'm improving could use improving. 5) get overwhelmed once I have refactorings of 3 large packages on my ToDo list.

I have to be more strict about my goals when I sit down for a hacking session. I *finally* fixed a bug in Twisted InstanceMessenger that has been nagging at me for several days. This may not seem like so much, but it was probably about a total of 7 lines of code or so. The problem was, I was trying to add features/refactor other code that was closely related, instead of fixing the bug.

So, this is a reminder to myself. When I sit down wanting to do some hacking, I should write down what it is that I plan on doing. Writing stuff down seems to help in a lot of cases. It's a good thing to do on a regular basis. Anyway, this is one observation of many that I've made in the past and will make in the future -- I'll probably be posting a lot more of such observations for my own benefit. Writing them down so I can remember them myself.

Of course, most of the things I know I should be doing are clearly defined in Extreme Programming. But oh well. I'm not going to learn until I get bitten, I guess.

Bleh. Sorry about the rambling. I just got back from finally seeing Lord of the Rings at the theater. Maybe tomorrow I'll post something about it.
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