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the never-ending battle with motivation.

I've been marginally productive today. I haven't actually generated anything real, but I have been "in" my code. I'm still working on my new Blog with Donovan, but it doesn't have user-comments yet, and I don't think I want to switch to it until it does (I know how much my loving fans want to reply to my posts). I've been working on what it will look like, and I've got a nice minimalist look going. I want to make it fit my website, though, so I'm going to have to redesign that too. :-)

[2 hours later...]

Well, it turns out I will actually generate some code (or rather, refactor some code). I've gotten around to fixing up one of the nagging issues with Twisted Reality, namely that no two objects can have the same name. Yay for productivity! Come on, guys. Cheer me on.

I fear that this will achieve sentience and rule us all. Ok, so it's not really AI, but damn, it's cool.

Welcome dreid.

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